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Bouquet #6

Bouquet #6

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Mix of the  flowers: Hydrangea, roses, hypericum, snapdragon 

 Hydrangea With its wooden stems and lacy, star-shaped flowers packed closely together in a pompom, the hydrangea's color ranges from white to blue to pink and purple, determined by the acidity level of the soil.

Roses were the dominant species of wild roses and were the first flowers to evolve into their present-day form.Light pink roses symbolize admiration, gentleness, and can be used to bring messages of sympathy. Fuchsia-toned roses can mean appreciation and gratitude and are traditionally used to express thanks.

Hypericum a yellow-flowered plant of a genus that includes the St John's worts, tutsan, and rose of Sharon.

Snapdragon is a plant bearing spikes of brightly coloured two-lobed flowers which gape like a mouth when a bee lands on the curved lip.